Sondre Norheim
- the
Skiing Pioneer of Telemark

Photo Gallery - Special Events in Minot and Denbigh

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The Minot statue of Sondre was unveiled in 1987. Sculptor Knut Skinnarland and his wife, Tove, in front of the statue.

Courtesy of Norsk Høstfest Assn.

Among the guests from Norway were Skien Mayor Einfrid Halvorsen (to the left) and Ragnhild Hagen, head of Norwegian statue committee.

Courtesy of Norsk Høstfest Assn.

In 1983 Princess Astrid of Norway visits Sondre's grave at Norway Lutheran Church Cemetery near Denbigh.

She is a guest at the Norsk Høstfest in Minot that year.

Photo by Ragnhild Hagen

1992: President and CEO of the Lillehammer Olympic Organizing Committee, Gerhard Heiberg (to the right) and Lillehammer Mayor Audun Tron.

Photo by Anne-Gry Blikom

1993: North Dakota Governor Edward Schafer arrives at Minot Airport with the Morgedal Flame.

John Coughlin of the Minot Ski Patrol to the right.

Photo by Minot Daily News

The next day the torch is brought to Norway Lutheran Church Cemetery by Minot and Bottineau ski patrols including Morgedal skier Lars Berge Haugan.

Photo by Minot Daily News

Lars Berge Haugan and members of the ski patrols at Sondre's grave south of Denbigh.

Photo by Minot Daily News

One day later the Sondre Norheim Eternal Flame is lit by Lars Berge Haugan.

This monument is located in the Scandinavian Heritage Park in Minot, close to the Sondre statue.

Photo by Minot Daily News

1995: Dorothy Lyon, a great grandchild of Sondre, and Kviteseid Mayor Inge Fjalestad participate in the wreath-laying ceremony at Sondre's grave.

Morgedal, Sondre's birthplace, is located in the municipality of Kviteseid.

Courtesy of Norsk Høstfest Assn.

The orchestra of HM King Harald V's Guard at the gravesite.

Courtesy of Norsk Høstfest Assn.

2003: Dorothy Lyon (right) together with a great great grand niece of Sondre, Asgjerd Strondi.

Asgjerd laid the wreath on Sondre's grave during the wreath-laying ceremony this year.

Photo by Anne Grethe Bakke

Anne Grethe Bakke (left), director of the Norwegian Ski Adventure Centre (Norsk Skieventyr) in Morgedal, Asgjerd Strondi and Thor Stein Johansen.

He is the Royal Norwegian Consul General in Minneapolis.

Photo by Eivind Molde

2007: Reidun Major Holm, a great great granddaughter of Sondre Norheim, is laying the wreath on Sondre's grave.

Photo by Trond Olaf Oldrup Olsen

2008: Genealogist David Gunderson lays a bouquet of roses on the Rannei Åmundsdotter Memorial Marker.

The marker for Rannei, Sondre's wife, was dedicated by Mr. Gunderson, a great, grand nephew of Rannei. He was instrumental in providing the year and date of Rannei's death, as well as coordinating the purchase of the memorial marker. Telelaget of America was a major contributor for the marker.

Photo by Mary Cross

David Gunderson and Eilev Omland at Sondre's grave.

Mr. Gunderson is the genealogist of Hadeland Lag of America. Mr. Omland, the president of the Norwegian Ski Adventure Centre (Norsk Skieventyr) in Morgedal, laid the wreath on the grave.

Photo by Tarjei Gjelstad

Tarjei Gjelstad and David Gunderson in Norway Lutheran Church.

Mr. Gunderson, the genealogist of Hadeland Lag of America, receives a model of an old Sondre Norheim ski from Tarjei Gjelstad, director of Norwegian Ski Adventure Centre (Norsk Skieventyr) in Morgedal. The gift is a remembrance for the work Mr. Gunderson has done in providing the year and date of Rannei Åmundsdotter's death, as well as supplying the death certificate for Rannei, his great, grand aunt, Sondre's wife.

Photo by Bjarne Råmunddal

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