Sondre Norheim
- the
Skiing Pioneer of Telemark

Photo Gallery - Special Events in Morgedal

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1952: For the first time a Torch Relay is organized for the Olympic Winter Games. Olav Bjaaland, who lit the torch, can be seen to the right.

Photo by Sturlason

1952: From the Sondre cottage the fire is brought down to the centre of Morgedal. Olav Hemmestveit carries the special torch holder.

Courtesy of Hege Bjåland

1952: Parade of flags at the Sondre memorial stone where all nations participating in the Winter Games are represented.

Finn Qvale greets the torchbearer from Øverbø. Olav Bjaaland stands to the right. From here the Torch Relay sets off, heading for Bislett Stadium in Oslo, 200 kilometres away.

Courtesy of Eivind Strondi

1960: With Olav Nordskog at his side, Eivind Donstad is lighting the pinewood torch.

Photo by Varden

1960: Olav Hemmestveit is ready to set off down the hillside with the Olympic Torch in his hand.

From Morgedal the fire is brought all the way to Squaw Valley.

Photo by Varden

HRH Crown Prince Olav visits Sondre's birthplace in 1955. The Crown Prince can be seen in the middle of the picture, wearing a white anorak.

Courtesy of Eivind Strondi

The movie about Sondre was very well received when it was broadcast on national TV in Norway. This is a part of the production team on location in Morgedal in 1970. From left, script girl Janca Poliany, photographer Per Moen and director Johan Vestly.

Photo by Jo Vestly

In 1988 the statue of Sondre, done by Telemark sculptor Knut Skinnarland, is unveiled in Morgedal by HM King Olav.

Photo by Tore Øyvind Moen, Varden

The King talking to the chairman of the US fundraising committee, Høstfest President Chester Reiten. To the right: Knut Skinnarland.

Courtesy of Ragnhild Hagen

1993: Sondre's great grandchild, Dorothy Lyon (carrying a torch) together with President and CEO of the Lillehammer Olympic Organizing Committee Gerhard Heiberg and Norwegian Minister of Culture Åse Kleveland at Øverbø on the night before the torch is lit.

Photo by Eivind Molde

Gerhard Heiberg and Kviteseid Mayor Inge Fjalestad together with HRH Princess Märtha Louise outside the Sondre cottage.

Morgedal is located in the municipality of Kviteseid.

Photo by Leif Jamtveit

Courtesy of the Norwegian Ski Adventure Centre

Inside the Sondre cottage HRH Princess Märtha Louise lights the pinewood torch from the fireplace.

Eivind Strondi and Knut Råmunddal are at her side.

Photo © Kjetil Rolseth

Minutes before entering the ceremony arena, Knut Tore Apeland of Edland, Telemark is lighting the eternal flame at a cairn in Lake Morgedal.

Photo by Leif Jamtveit

Courtesy of the Norwegian Ski Adventure Centre

The torch for the relay, carried by Gerhard Heiberg, is lit by fire from the pinewood torch, held by Åse Kleveland. To the right: the Olympic Mascots.

Photo © Kjetil Rolseth

After the ceremony in the centre of Morgedal, the 75-day long Torch Relay sets off for Lillehammer.

Alpine skiing champion Atle Skårdal of Lunde, Telemark is the first runner.

Photo by Leif Jamtveit

Courtesy of the Norwegian Ski Adventure Centre

North Dakota Governor Edward Schafer is picking up a branch of the torch in Skien.

The torch is brought to North Dakota, where ceremonies are held at Sondre’s gravesite and at the Sondre statue (see the pictures from Dakota in the gallery Special Events in Minot and Denbigh).

Photo by Per-Eirik Hekkelstrand, Varden

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