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Morgedal - in the Heart of Telemark

Øverbø - Sondre's Birthplace

Sondre in the History of Skiing

Skis - Bindings - Telemark Turn - Christiania Turn - Slalom

The Olympic Fire from Morgedal

In Remembrance of Sondre

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Sondre Norheim
- the
Skiing Pioneer of Telemark

Photo Gallery (95 pictures)
We would like to include more pictures in our Telemark Skiing Around the World Gallery. First of all we are interested in pictures from other countries than already represented. Send your photo to email@sondrenorheim.com!
9 pictures from Sondres home village in Telemark
23 pictures from the cotters farm where Sondre was born
Special Events in Morgedal
16 pictures from lighting of the Olympic Torch, unveiling of the Sondre statue, and more

Special Events in Minot and Denbigh
16 pictures of Sondre relatives as well as officials visiting Sondres grave, and more.
The Memorials
16 pictures of all the memorials, including the Sondre statue and the grave
The Flame in Morgedal, Minot and Squaw Valley
4 pictures from the places where the Morgedal Flame is still burning
Telemark Skiing Around the World
11 pictures of Telemark skiers in USA, Australia, Antarctica, Japan, Lebanon, France, Italy, Switzerland and Norway

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