Sondre Norheim
- the
Skiing Pioneer of Telemark

Photo Gallery - Morgedal

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Photos by Eivind Molde


This is the village of Morgedal, with Lake Morgedal in the heart of the valley.

The village has about 300 inhabitants. Most of them are working in tourism, the service industry or farming.

The centre of the village can be seen on the other side of the lake.

Highway E 134 runs along the right side of the lake, which has an altitude of 423 metres.

Morgedal is introduced to the visitors as the Cradle of Skiing.

Another sign informs the road users about Morgedal as the site for Olympic Torch ceremonies. The Olympic Torch has been lit in Morgedal three times.

Øverbø, Sondre's birthplace, is located in the upper left corner of the map, the village centre in the lower right.

Opened in 1993, the Norwegian Ski Adventure Centre (Norsk Skieventyr) offers visitors a journey through the history of skiing.

The cairn where the eternal flame burns, can be seen at the right.

The flame was lit here as the Torch Relay for the Olympic Winter Games started in 1993.

The memorial stone, erected in 1925, can be seen to the left of the Sondre statue. The statue was unveiled in 1988 by HM King Olav.

Lake Morgedal and the area where most of the farms are located.

The open area in the wooded hillside at Øverbø can be seen in the upper left corner.

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