Sondre Norheim
- the
Skiing Pioneer of Telemark

Photo Gallery - Øverbø

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Photos by Eivind Molde


From the centre of Morgedal, Sondre is "looking" in the direction of his birthplace, which can be seen to the left of his head.

The car park with Øverbø information and keys. From this point, one may take a 400-meter walk uphill to Øverbø.

Great view of the beautiful valley of Morgedal, seen while walking up to Øverbø.

The former cotter's farm Øverbø, where Sondre was born.

In 1949, work to change the farm into a museum began. The Morgedal Sports Club now owns Øverbø and is responsible for maintenance.

This is a house similar to the one in which Sondre was born, built on the original foundation.

(This is the house which you can see to the right on the two previous pictures.)

The cowshed in its original form.

Looking in the opposite direction, you can see the cowshed to the left and the Sondre cottage behind the cowshed.

The Sondre cottage.

After marrying Rannei, Sondre built the cottage which was later moved to Øverbø.

Sondre used tree bark as insulation to keep rain from leaking into the house.

A solid construction...

Inside the Sondre cottage, to the right of the door.

Everything you see inside the cottage is handmade by Sondre.

This is the fireplace where the Olympic Torch has been lit three times.

Small bed for a big family...

Information for visitors is placed on the table to the left of the door.

A log chair made by Sondre.

Skis and bindings made by Sondre.

A traditional pinewood torch has been used every time the Olympic Fire has been lit here.

Rannei and Sondre.

Øverbø and the valley of Morgedal. The Sondre cottage can be seen to the right, the cowshed to the left.

Øverbø is located at about 580 metres above sea level, Lake Morgedal at 423 metres.

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