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It all started in the Norwegian county of Telemark. Because of that, this fascinating style of skiing was called Telemark skiing. Now, the word Telemark has become known worldwide, and Telemark skiing is gaining popularity, both as a recreational activity as well as in competitions like World Cup and World Championship.
We would like to include more pictures in the Gallery. First of all we are interested in pictures from other countries than already represented. Send your photo to! Thanks to those who have sent us photos!



Location: Bagely Icefield, Alaska, USA

Skier: Phil Fortier

Photo: Greg Mueller

Greg reports from Alaska: "The Bagely Icefield is very remote, only being accessable by skiplane.Telemark skiing is very popular in Alaska. There are some clubs here, but most people just put their skis on their shoulders and head for the hills."


Location: Powder Mountain, Utah, USA

Skier: John S. Daniels

Photo: Richar Caldwell

Powder Mountain, Utah has great snow conditions and is a very Telemark friendly mountain. This is one of the many places in the States where you can take lessons to learn the great Telemark technique.


Location: Mt. Curruthers, Kosciusko National Park, Australia

Skier: Jason Woods

Photo: Craig Martin

Telemarking is a growing sport in Australia, both in the resorts and in the backcountry. The picture was taken in late spring (November 2006).



Photo:Yvette Yeates

The picture was shot on a trip to Antarctica in 2000. Antarctica seems to be aperfect place for Telemark skiing!


Location: Hokkaido, Japan

Skier: Curtis Savard

Photo: Kate Holmes

This ski area is located in the centre of Hokkaido. Here, just behind a volcano at the coast of Japan, there are hughe snowfalls, and great conditions for Telemark skiing.


Location: Yotei-san, Japan

Skier: K. Yamanoi

Photo: Keiko Kitamura

Keiko reports from Japan: "Telemark skiinghas becomemore and more popular in Japan. You can find at least one telemarker in any local ski area. There are nine official series races in a season. Backcountry skiing is in fashion now, and the most of them use Telemark gears in the mountains, since mountains in Japan are fitted for Telemark skiing."


Location:Mount Sannine, Cedars region, Lebanon

Provided by

Our contact in Lebanon reports: "Telemark skiing is indeed practiced in Lebanon by very few people. The pictureshow Telemark skiers experiencing hors piste slopes in the Cedars region. There is no Telemark association in Lebanon."


Location: Pyrenees, France

Skiers: Martin Blandhoel (Norway), Thizerry Galiay (France)

Photo: Maatihou

Since around 1995 Telemark skiing has become a very popular activity in the Pyrenees. At the French side there are a lot of Telemark events, while freeride activities are more common at the Spanish side.


Location: Mount Libro Aperto, the Apennines, Italy

Provided by Ranieri Kohn

Mount Libro Aperto is located in the area between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. Here, in Apennine Mountains, the conditions for Telemark skiing are very good. In this area there is a school where people can learn Telemark skiing.


Location: Verbier, Switzerland

Skier: Andrea Apollonio

Photo: Tito Bertoni

Telemark skiing is becoming more and more popular in Switzerland. The Swiss Telemark Ski Associationwasfounded in 1989. There are several Telemark clubs in the country.


Location:Alta, Norway

Skier: Pia C. Robertsen

Photo: Jon Vidar Bull

Courtesy of Halddetoppen Telemarkslaug, Alta, Norway

In Norway -the country where Telemark skiing originated - this style of skiing is very popular, both as a recreational activity and in organized races. There area lot of Telemark clubs around the country. In the ski resorts,it's very common to see people performing the elegant, dynamic Telemark turns.

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