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Sondre Norheim
- the
Skiing Pioneer of Telemark

The Sondre Book - available now!

Order your copy today of  “Sondre Norheim - The Father Of Modern Skiing authored by Anne-Gry Blikom and Eivind Molde, originators of www.sondrenorheim.com.

Released in October 2003 by North American Heritage Press of Minot, North Dakota, this book tells what you need to know about the legendary Norwegian skier.

The book is based on the content of the Sondre web site, but there are more text and more pictures (more than 100) in the book than you find on the web.

You will for example find more about Sondres life in Norway and the United States in the book.

The book is available in book shops and on the web, including Amazon.

In Norway, the book can be purchased in all book shops around the country as well as in the major Norwegian book shops on the web.

Since the Sondre web site was launched in May 2002, it has been visited by people from close to eighty countries in all parts of the world.

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