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Sondre Norheim
- the
Skiing Pioneer of Telemark


This web site, launched in May 2002, was created by Anne-Gry Blikom and Eivind Molde from Oslo, Norway.

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The Norwegian ski legend Sondre Norheim is a familiar name in all parts of the ski interested world. A lot of material about Sondre was published over the years – he is discussed in books, newspapers, magazines, TV specials, at web sites – and he is presented at ski museums.

Our goal with this site, is to present the most important information about Sondre and related material, in one place, concisely.

We want to tell briefly about his life, family, achievements, and show the places where he lived and is buried – as well as informing readers the way this famous skier from Telemark has been honoured even after his death.

This is also the place where the Olympic Torch events in Sondres home village Morgedal are presented in text and pictures.

Building the web site

The material which we present at the site, is based on data from many sources. We have picked information from several books, articles published on the web, a lot of media reports such as newspaper articles and TV specials about Sondre, from government sources, from material available at museums and material published by ski historians.

Valuable input was received through visits with Anne Grethe Bakke and Jakob Dyrkolbotn at the Norwegian Ski Adventure Centre
(Norsk Skieventyr) in Morgedal, Rune Flaten at the Ski Museum in Holmenkollen, Oslo, and Ingun Mjaaland at the Norwegian Ski Association – Telemark.

Also we felt privileged to talk with Sondre’s relatives – his great grandchild Dorothy Lyon
of Atlanta, Georgia and Eivind Strondi of Morgedal, who is Sondre’s grandnephew.

We have received pictures and other material from Hege Bjåland and Svein Brekke of Morgedal.

In addition we have talked to people who have been involved in honouring Sondre’s memory in different ways, like Ragnhild Hagen from the Friends of Minot Club in Telemark and Pam Davy at the Norsk Høstfest Association in Minot, North Dakota.

From Dakota we have been provided with pictures, articles and other material thanks to Frances Lovelace at the Norsk Høstfest – and Høstfest volunteers Craig Nansen and George and Jeanice Officer. Former officers and members of the Norway Lutheran Church south of Denbigh, Lillian and Myron Espeseth, have shared information from their personal files. Pam has been our contact person for all information out of North Dakota. 

Thanks to all who have shared information and material with us and in other ways given us valuable input during this project.

And a special thanks to Kitty Peterson of Minot.

We hope you will find the Sondre site interesting! Please feel free to post your comments about Sondre and about this site in the Guestbook.

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