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Sondre Norheim
- the
Skiing Pioneer of Telemark

What's new?

www.sondrenorheim.com is a web site where most of the information is static. But some additions and changes are made from time to time, and at this page you will learn where to find the most important of them.

>July 2009: New picture added to Telemark Skiing Around the World

>November 2008: At
Special Events in Minot and Denbigh gallery, new pictures were added from the wreath-laying ceremonies at Sondre's grave i 2007 and 2008, including pictures of the Rannei Åmundsdotter Memorial Marker. Also new photos of the marker added to The Memorials gallery. Info about the date of Rannei's death and the memorial marker dedication ceremony added to Timeline.

>March 2007: Picture number 10 added to Telemark Skiing Around the World (sent to us by visitors to the web site).

>February 2006: New pictures from Sondre's grave site added to The Memorials gallery and to some other pages. Visitors invited to send their Telemark pictures for our Telemark Skiing Around the World gallery. 

>February 2005: New photo gallery: Telemark Skiing Around the World.

>February 2004: A new Info page, including a list of countries represented among web site visitors plus list of web site changes and additions (What's new?). 

>December 2003: At Special Events in Morgedal, additional pictures from the 1952 and 1993 Torch ceremonies in Morgedal.

>November 2003: At Special Events in Minot and Denbigh, new pictures from the Sondre grave site October 2003 plus several pictures of the Morgedal fire arriving in Minot and at the grave site in 1993.

>November 2003: New page about the Sondre Book.

>June 2003: At Skis – Bindings – Telemark Turn – Christiania Turn – Slalom, pictures of Telemark turn and Christiania turn replaced.

>June 2002: Quotes from Aslak Bergland
s speech in Morgedal added at Honoured by a Friend and Sondre Quotes.  

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