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Sondre Norheim
- the
Skiing Pioneer of Telemark

In the Hall of Fame

In 1974, Sondre was inducted into the US National Ski Hall of Fame in Ishpeming, Michigan. The Hall is regarded as the most prestigious repository of the ski history of the United States.

We find about 50 that were born in Norway among the more than 300 inductees – Alf Engen, Casper Oimoen, Birger Ruud, Sigmund Ruud, Sverre Engen, John A. “Snowshoe” Thompson, Stein Eriksen, Jakob Vaage and others.

Stein Eriksen and Gerhard Heiberg
Photo by Anne-Gry Blikom

Later Sondre became a member of the Scandinavian-American Hall of Fame, which was established in 1984 by the Norsk Høstfest Association in Minot, North Dakota, “designed to honor Scandinavian-Americans who have distinguished themselves in their fields of expertise and in service to mankind”. 

Sondre was named to the Scandinavian-American Hall of Fame in 1984. Among other members are Walter Mondale, Gerhard Heiberg, Knut Haukelid, Thor Heyerdahl, Stein Eriksen, Eric M. Hilton and Earle Hyman.

New members are added to the Hall of Fame during the annual Norsk Høstfest in Minot each year.

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