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In Remembrance of Sondre

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Sondre Norheim
- the
Skiing Pioneer of Telemark

In Remembrance of Sondre
Sondre died in North Dakota in 1897, but he is not forgotten. As a testimonial to his memory, the ski legend from Telemark has been honoured with many different tributes, both in Norway and the United States.

In Morgedal the
Year Sondre Died
Honoured by a Friend
Finding an Unmarked Grave
Sondre Statues in Norway and the United States
Honouring Sondre at His Grave Site
In the Hall of Fame
Sondre Commemorative Stamps
Sondre’s Home Village – Keeping the History of Skiing Alive
Sondre Quotes
Memorial Texts

Sondre’s memory is definitely kept alive both at the place where he was born and where he is buried.

There are also several books, articles and TV specials done about Sondre. He is presented at different ski museums and his name mentioned on hundreds of web sites.

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