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Morgedal - in the Heart of Telemark

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Sondre in the History of Skiing

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Sondre Norheim
- the
Skiing Pioneer of Telemark

In Morgedal the Year Sondre Died

After the announcement of Sondre’s death in 1897, Morgedal residents held a memorial ceremony with a speech by Gunnar Mandt, a teacher and ski enthusiast from Vrådal in Telemark.

In his memorial speech Mandt said, “Now that we know the sport of skiing is “a joyous sign of the times”, a force that unites all parts of the country, nations, peoples and parties in peaceable competition, we must acknowledge Sondre’s unique achievement. The ways of Our Lord are strange. Just when doubt and evil omens were about to wreak havoc with our times, a shabby guy from Morgedal came along and helped to create a new climate of optimism.”

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