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Sondre Norheim
- the
Skiing Pioneer of Telemark

The Statue in Minot

Located in the Scandinavian Heritage Park, the Minot statue of Sondre was unveiled on October 16, 1987.

Norwegian guests: Einfrid Halvorsen (left), Tove and Knut Skinnarland, Ragnhild Hagen, Inger and Olav Skoe, Kjell Strand
Courtesy of Norsk Høstfest Assn.

Remarks were given by President of the Norsk Høstfest Association, Chester Reiten, Minot Mayor George Christensen, Skien Mayor Einfrid Halvorsen, President of the Friends of Minot Club, Ragnhild Hagen, President of the Telemark Fylkes Handelsstevne, Kjell Strand and grandnephew of Sondre, Eivind Strondi of Morgedal.

The Scandinavian Heritage Park is a testimonial to the strong bonds between Scandinavia and the Midwest. More than 800,000 Norwegians immigrated to America in 1825-1939 and most of them settled in the states up north. Actually close to half the population of Minot has Scandinavian ancestors.

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Knut Skinnarland – the Sondre Sculptor

The park includes an old storehouse from Norway, a replica of the Norwegian Gol Stave Church, a Danish windmill, statues of Icelandic explorer Leiv Eriksson and Norwegian-born ski jumper Casper Oimoen, an information centre and more. In 1993 the Sondre Norheim Eternal Flame Monument was added to the park.

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