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Morgedal - in the Heart of Telemark

Øverbø - Sondre's Birthplace

Sondre in the History of Skiing

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The Olympic Fire from Morgedal

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Sondre Norheim
- the
Skiing Pioneer of Telemark

Take a look: A forgotten grave on the prairie

Fearless and daring: “Do you think it’s possible to jump on skis over our rooftop, Eivind?” he asked his brother. “Don’t think so, Sondre.” “Let’s give it a go! Sondre shouted from the hill before he set off.

>A poor cotter from Telemark, Norway
>A remarkable, innovative ski artist
>A pioneer with regard to ski equipment and style
>He played a crucial role as skiing changed from utility into enjoyment and sports
>He is known worldwide as the Father of Modern Skiing
>The Olympic Torch was lit at his birthplace three times
Did you know
>that Telemark skiing  originated in the Norwegian county of Telemark?

>that the very first slalom competition was held in Telemark?

A virtuous artist: He had this upright carriage, was very resilient and his body seemingly only consisted of muscles and tendons. Besides, he had this special charisma. His face was characteristic, a bit pale, with strong features and a very beautiful smile.

The joy of skiing: Thanks to a creative use of equipment, a unique interest in doing things differently, his talent and playfulness, Sondre contributed to a new and different way of using the skis.

His own winter hills: Here is the place where Sondre was born – a small former cotter’s farm upon the wooded hillside. From Øverbø there is a breathtaking view of the valley of Morgedal.

The Winter Olympics: The Olympic Torch lighting ceremonies have been held at Sondre’s birthplace, Øverbø, followed by huge, lively, community celebrations in the valley.
Sculpting Sondre: “I wondered what kind of impression I should give the statue of Sondre”, Knut Skinnarland said. Finally the sculptor decided to make Sondre monumental standing with his skis by his side. That’s the way it had to be.

“Without Sondre, no Aspen, no Vail, no Val d’Isère, no Holmenkollen. I even doubt that there would be any Olympic Winter Games, had it not been for this great man.”
(Norwegian ambassador Tom Vraalsen)
Sondre generated enthusiasm and excitement far beyond Morgedal. He brought something new to the nation and the world. He has made Norwegian words like ski and slalom known worldwide.”
(King Olav of Norway)

>Gallery with pictures from Telemark and the United States
>Pictures of the original Sondre skis and bindings
Pictures from Squaw Valley, Minot and Morgedal – places where the Morgedal Flame is still burning
>Pictures of Telemark skiers around the world
Photo Gallery

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